Automated Hearing Appeal Package

For a human, aggregating raw data, applying the proper appraisal adjustments, and presenting findings in an intelligible format takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, these are tasks that bots do really, really well. Property Data Cloud scours vast data sets in seconds, identifying appropriate comps according to your parameters. Our flexible comparison interface […]

Automated Cost Analysis

Built into Property Data Cloud is a big data algorithm that eliminates loads of manual work. No longer do you need to perform a physical site inspection to obtain the building material characteristics; analytical bots seamlessly compile formulas and generate the estimated cost approach to value.

Fresh, Integrated Data

Your success depends on your ability to gather, analyze, and present data, so having the right data to begin with is absolutely critical. Property Data Cloud pipes in sales, rental, and Assessor tax roll data from a host of sources, including public assessors, tax authorities, and private aggregators. We lend our expertise to vetting channels, […]

Interactive GIS Maps

Human brains are spatial and work well when they can visualize the market they’re analyzing. Additionally, a good property tax Consultant knows the community where they work; this familiarity makes for smarter analysis. The interactive GIS maps in Property Data Cloud allow a Consultant to intuitively set the parameters for their case, and to better […]

Hearing Schedules, Hearing Date Conflicts and Docket Management

Missed hearings don’t only cost you money–they can also cost you the respect of your clients.  This problem is a thing of the past when you utilize the Hearing Scheduler feature of Property Data Cloud; a calendar integrated with all the supporting data makes staying on top of things a breeze.

Express Informals

This comparative tool streamlines your decision-making process as you negotiate with the CAD. Upload the CAD-provided spreadsheet into Property Data Cloud, complete with the account number, market value, and a proposed offer value to accept or reject. The bots will instantly flesh it out with details from your data set. The resulting overview will reflect […]

Express Dockets

Many CADs have recently adopted a remote docket process. These are similar to the Express Informals, but allows for more deliberation. Consultants can now counter-offer based on sales, UE, or both and submit the CAD evidence package to back up their counter-offer. Property Data Cloud generates an evidence package ready for you to upload to […]

Communication Tools: Client Correspondence and Automated Email Batch Processing

The Contract/Correspondence Manager in Property Data Cloud allows you to craft and keep templates of all your standard documents, autofill them from your database, and email them to your clients. Relevant data can include anything from requests for P&L and rent rolls to BPP Asset Reports. The nifty Email Batch Scheduler will allow you to […]