Property Information Tracker

Once the requested information has been received and managed by the Tracker; the documents are stored under the related documents within Property Data Cloud. In an instant, you can see which accounts you are still waiting for information on, no questions asked!

Client Portal

Enhance your communication and accuracy by giving property owners real-time access to their portfolio through an intuitive client portal. Streamline discovery, eliminate redundant data entry, and manage information in a single, secure, cloud-based location. The client portal is directly integrated with Property Data Cloud for maximum workflow optimization.  Features: Clients can view, add, and manage […]

Business Personal Property

The property inside a business (equipment, inventory, machinery, etc.) can be worth more than the real estate itself. Intelligently managing hard assets is a huge cost saver, and doing it with Property Data Cloud also saves time. The Business Personal Property Manager includes asset categorization, costing, and depreciation modules.